Thursday, August 23, 2012

A little update.

I know I haven't been posting much.  Seems like my days are so busy with schooling my daughter and chores, and an occasional nap, that I don't take time to tend to my blog as much as I should or want to.  I do well to get my weekly menu on here.  It is more a reminder for me than anything.  I have some ideas I'd like to blog about in the future if I could just get around to it :/

I am still dealing with insomnia.  I have a hard time falling asleep.  I use Melatonin on most nights and it usually helps me nod off but I find myself waking up two to three hours later and I go downstairs for a few more hours and then feel sleepy enough to get back into bed.  Then I wake up later in the morning than I would like and that seems to throw my whole schedule/plan for the day off.  Seems like I just get through school with my daughter and then it is time to fix dinner and then it is dinner clean-up, some family time, and then time to prepare for bed and then the whole thing starts all over again.  I do well to keep groceries in the house and the laundry done.  Those are both important and I am normally able to keep those up.  Unfortunately, my housework and projects have fallen to the wayside. 

So, I am going to make myself work a certain amount of time a day on my household chores and projects, even if it is only 15 to 30 minutes a day, because it will add up, and I will see progress.  Slow and steady...

Tomorrow (actually today, as it is 3:55 a.m. EST) I am going to do laundry while schooling and then my plan is to give the kitchen a good going over.  Then I am going to get my daughter's help in picking up the house and helping me do the vacuuming.  She is very good at vacuuming the stairs!  Then it will be time to begin dinner prep, but I figure it is a good start and then Friday we will plan on no school and giving the house much more needed attention, especially her bedroom and bathroom as she has a friend coming over to stay the night.  Nothing like company coming to get your house clean!  LOL

So, I think I'll head back upstairs and see if I can go to the land of Nod once again.  Funny thing is that my hubby will be getting up in 30 minutes to get ready to leave for work.  We're like two ships passing in the night! 



Wicked Witch said...

Good luck, insomnia is bad, bad company.

Becky said...

I have sleep issues also. Actually, I have had them for years. Have used various herbs, melatonin, etc. Over the years I have come to realize that I just don't seem to need that much sleep. Usually 6 hours is my max. Also notice that when I am under the weather, body just naturally sleeps more. Hang in there, hopefully it will pass.