Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Homeschooling Mother's Journal

In my life this week…we were busy this week. On Monday, Robyn and I met with my MIL for lunch at Panera Bread and then we went to a store to exchange some clothing that she had purchased for Robyn. We also went to our favorite bookstore this week. We both had eye doctor appointments on Tuesday. My eyes have relaxed and that has caused my vision to improve! Really! Robyn has a new prescription and will be getting new glasses soon. We also had a service call here on our treadmill and my hubby is going to order the needed part and repair it himself. So soon, no more excuses for not exercising!

In our homeschool this week…we have enjoyed homeschooling this week and daughter has especially enjoyed the weather portion of her science lesson. She watches the weather channel all the time. This is right up her alley.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…Saturday night we went to church to hear a professor speak on creationism. His name is Andy McIntosh and he is from England. We really enjoyed him. He is in Wikipedia if you'd like to look him up. One of Robyn's friends has been here twice this week. His father attended a Men's Night Out with my hubby on Monday evening and then he was here again on Thursday evening. So Robyn had fun playing online games and the Wii with him. Oh, and the watched some old Muppet show DVD's. She really enjoyed those.

My favorite thing this week was…finding cheap St. Patrick's day items at Dollar Tree. We are planning a St. Patty's day celebration here next month.

Things I’m working on…just trying to keep my head above water.

I’m reading…my Bible and a biography of Booker T. Washington.

I’m cooking…good stuff. Ready my Menu plan every week. I also post recipes there. I made some awesome Creamy Wild Rice Turkey Soup tonight and Creamy Pimiento Cheese. Guess what hubby is taking in his lunch to work tomorrow?

I’m grateful for…God's forgiveness.

I’m praying for…friends who are unemployed, marriages that need repair, my nephew who had to have emergency gall bladder surgery, and my hubby to do well in his classes at work and on his tests.

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Chareen said...

Love the picture in your header. Looks like me :)

Good to hear your vision is improving.

What are you reading in your bible ? I am busy reading Cover to Cover the chronological reading plan. My mom and I are blogging about it over at One Year Through The Word. I would love your thoughts on what you are reading. Pop on over and share with us.


Jenn said...

Creamy rice turkey soup sounds absolutely amazing right now, and it is only 7:00 in the morning here...hmm.

I absolutely love the picture in your header. I can relate!

Mama Bird said...

Keeping our heads up above always like a struggle, keep your head up and keep going.

Lisa said...

The soup sounds so good!

I am glad to hear that your vision is improving! Great news.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Many blessings! :-)

Traci's Teaching Times said...

Would love to have your soup recipe. Hope your eyes continue to improve. Stopping by from the HMJ.