Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Something needs to change around here.

I'm talking about my home. You see, my family is not very disciplined. Myself included. So, with a husband out of work for a couple of years, a daughter being homeschooled, me, being a sahm mom, we really don't have a schedule we stick to and it shows. We often run around in our jammmies at all hours of the day, meals are sometimes when we get hungry. Often breakfast is very late, which pushes lunch up into the day and then dinner is at dark forty. Our house seems to be in constant disarray, hence the name of my blog> So something has got to change.

After a family discussion last night, we have decided to institute a bedtime of 11:00, most nights and to wake up at 7:00 most mornings. I was up about 7:30 this morning. It's after nine and hubby is still in bed. So much for that! No, actually he fell yesterday in the street retrieving our mail and is feeling very sore this morning. In any event, we are going to do our best to adhere to this schedule.

I am hoping for my weekdays to look more like this:

7:00 rise and shine
coffee and Bible time
7:30 prepare breakfast
8:00 or so, shower time
8:45 treadmill treading
Then on with my day, laundry, KP duty, general picking up and what housework or project is on my agenda for the day and supervision of homeschooling.
9:00 dd should be dressed and doing her homeschooling by this time.
Later, I will check blogs and email, Facebook and the like. We need to limit our computer time in the house. We seem to go in spurts. Lately, we seem to be online too much. I don't play games, but do visit a lot of blogs and read the news and play with my recipes and menu playing on my laptop. Dd likes the games and has her daddy doing some of them too to benefit her.
We want to eat dinner in the dining room most every night and have family devotions. This month we have been doing Advent readings.
Evenings are generally spent together as a family and lately, watching Christmas programs on TV.
11:00 bedtime

I am hoping the earlier bedtime and rising will motivate us to accomplish more around our house so I can change the name of my blog from "Can't Have Anyone Over Cottage" to "Come on Over!"

How about you? What works for your family?


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Marge said...

Well, Bill goes to work and my boys to school and I still don't have enough structure in my life. I was recently feeling that I might need to homeschool. Whew! Not yet, thankfully. I'd be right there with you if I did. Either that, or I'd be the mean drill sergeant. I'm not sure which would be worse.