Monday, December 20, 2010

Master Bedroom update

My retreat is coming right along. I am washing and drying the mattress pad cover and sheets as I type. The room has been completely defuzzed and cleaned. My cat, Tabby, came up and explored. She gave her approval. She especially likes that I put the dust ruffle on the bed. It makes a nice hiding place for her where she can jump out and scare her brother Toby.

My husband was a big help in getting this room "spring" cleaned. I told him we shouldn't wait so long next time to deep clean. But it was really low on our list of priorities. I think if I do a better job of regular cleaning, the deep cleaning won't seem so bad. Now, I haven't gone through all our dresser drawers or closet. I will do that after the holidays and get those all sorted and organized then. You have to eat an elephant one bite at a time.

As soon as the sheets are dry, I'm going upstairs to put the bed all together. I even pulled out my micro suede duvet from the linen closet and put it over the shabby comforter. This will have to do until we have the money to buy a new outfit for the bed. At least it is all clean. The curtains match the duvet and they are nice and clean and look much better without all the dust across the tops of them. Hubby is going to hang my decorative plaques from Southern Living above the headboard tomorrow. I think they will look really good there.

Later today, I am going to finish cleaning the master bathroom. There is not one square inch on the double sink vanity that is clear or clean. I need to toss and put things away just so I can give it and both sinks a good scrubbing. We would like to replace the light above the mirror. We also have to replace our toilet. It's not working, and we have been using our daughter's down the hall. And as I mentioned in an earlier post we have new faucets to install as well. We are going to get to those projects after Christmas.

I will have hubby take a few photos for me and post them this week, as well as photos of our bathroom on the main that I have been promising you, my two or three faithful readers. lol Then in the spring when we paint and clean the carpet you will have a before and after to compare. I wouldn't dare have shown you a photo before this week. No way.

Back to the grindstone.



Marge said...

Good job!
We did a lot of cleaning in the main areas of our house for our party this week. Now, Bill wants to get the rest of the house in the same shape!

Becky said...

Sounds like everything is looking very nice Pam. Looking forward to pictures. Speaking of cleaning up master bedrooms, I do need to clean mine up too. It needs to be dusted and some items need to be put in storage. With Christmas out of the way I should be able to tend to that after I get the Christmas decorations put away. ;-)