Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm being a bit lazy today.

I dug out my thermal jammies last night to sleep in and I stayed in them all day! I'm being a bit lazy today. Now, I have fed my family lunch. Hubby made breakfast (English Muffings, nothing difficult) and I do have dinner cooking. I did load my dishwasher and it is washing away and my sink is full of dishes to hand wash. Darling daughter has done her homeschooling today as well. I posted my menu last night and I'm working on my grocery list for this week. So I haven't been totally lazy. But it's been nice!

Here are our plans for this week:

Tomorrow-post office to mail back package
Shop for paint for the laundry nook/half bath. We have leftover paint from other projects but we are not sure if it is enough to give two good coats.
Shop for cheapish vinyl tile to put down in laundry nook/half bath. We would also like to retile the entrance to the basement from the garage and the half bath down there but that will be a little later this year. We, ideally, want to use the same tile.
Quick tidy of main floor.
Community group here at house in the evening.


I really need to finish cleaning out the laundry nook so that hubby can start painting and laying tile.
Wednesday night class at church and Awana for darling daughter.


Begin working on decluttering bedroom. Believe it or not, there is still some carry over in there of things from the guest room and Robyn's room declutter project. Also I need to clean out my closet and all our drawers for items to take to our favorite local charity. This is a job that will take a while. I can't give it a full day(s) work and have to spread it out. It may be next week before I am finish with this job. Also, included in this job is a deep clean of our master bathroom.


More of Thursday.
Pack for a few nights out at the lake house.
Late afternoon-drive to Aunt's lake house.

Saturday-Tuesday afternoon:

Lots of R & R the Lake House. We'll watch movies, play board games, read books and do little homeschooling too. We will be back in the afternoon on Tuesday to get ready for our Community Group at our house.


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