Sunday, March 14, 2010

My plans for the week:

Accountability, that's what this post is all about. Things I've gotta do.

Get my d.l. renewed (I never got around to it last month-oops!)
Sit with neighbor who had hip replacement surgery
Bake cookies for school fundraiser
Bible Studies
Work on upstairs declutter
Take books to McKay's for cash
Hair cut
Nails? (use gift card)
Small Group at our home
Women's retreat (one day only)

And in honor of St. Pat's day I will make a special meal on Wednesday. I would like to watch Quiet Man with John Wayne but may not be able to do that on Wednesday due to Awana and dh's New Life class. Maybe we will watch it on Tuesday or Thursday.

Have a fantastic week!


Marge said...

Cute cartoons. When will the clutter ever be gone? I was looking for my hot glue gun today. I found glue for one type of gun, but only could find the other gun!
BTW, Bill likes The Quiet Man, too.

Chaos Cottage said...

Hey Marge! Glad to hear from you. How did the retreat for Jared and Bill go?

Marge said...

They had fun. They surprised me and came back early, though. I think it was more geared toward the outdoorsy type. (A friend of Jared's started teaching him to play chess while they were there!)