Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter of our discontent

This last month has been a month of headaches, sniffles, coughs, and other icky and nasty stuff! We are sick of being sick. Pray that we get better, will ya?

Dh and I have just been vegging in front of the tv and watching the Olympics, Survivor, Amazing Race and American Idol. We don't feel like doing much of anything else.

I am so glad that our daughter is able to entertain herself when mom and dad aren't up to much fun. She plays on her Nintendo DSi, does her homework, talks to friends on the phone, plays on the computer, chases one of the cats, and fetches cough drops and G2's for her parents. She's a good girl!

We haven't been to church and we didn't host our small group in our home this week. We didn't want to give anyone our germs. We're thoughtful that way.

Come on Spring, we need you!



Marge said...

I'm sorry you've been sick. Haddon's been out of school for 2 days with a cold. It's not bad, but I didn't want him to share it. I've got a very slight cold, too. I hope it doesn't develop into much. I'm leaving tomorrow for our women's retreat.

Becky said...

So sorry you have been under the weather. Have said a prayer for you all. Get well soon!