Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dear Daughter sees the eye doctor today.

Dear Husband was hoping she had my "eyes." I didn't need eyeglasses until about 4 years ago and my prescription is for distance to clear things up a bit. I do use reading glasses, but that is because my eyes are getting older and I can't make my arms grow any longer! Robert began wearing eyeglasses in grade school. Robyn is actually excited that she may need glasses! Go figure.

We are going to Surfside for a week and we are looking forward to getting away. Away from the stresses we have been facing, especially Robert's lack of finding employment. It is a tough world right now. Our condo was a gift from my parents and we only have to pay the maintenance fee every year. So a week away for us is just cost of gas money to and from. I take Once A Month Cooking (OAMC) meals already prepared from my freezer with us. That means less groceries to buy for the condo and less eating out. We will go to the beach, visit our favorite bookstore for a cup of java, take Robyn for walks, and do crafts at the community center. They have fun activities planned daily for the children. We enjoy the beach at this time of year. No crowds, mild weather, and even Black Friday is nicer there than here. We usually go see a family holiday movie together at the mall there. It's become a tradition.

I do hate being away during Thanksgiving from the rest of the family but we like to travel around Robyn's school breaks. Better Thanksgiving away that Christmas!

We will either eat at Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving (like in the past) or buy a prepared dinner from a local grocer. If we do the latter, it means we could eat earlier in the day, eat again in the evening (oh yeah!) and have leftovers the next day and bring a nice carcass home to make stock and soup. I'm thinking I might want to try that. Anywho, what are your Thanksgiving plans?

Thanksgiving blessings to you all,



LuvtheWord said...

This sounds great, and I just said I want to go to the beach. LOVE the beach in the off season! Have a fantastic time away.

We are headed to Virginia to be with my family. The carcass has been claimed already. :)

Have a great time away, and I continue to lift up the job need and the other needs that go with it in the meantime. Praying you'll be refreshed in the time away...

Becky said...

Hi Pam, wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving and safe travels. I agree these are very hard times. As for Thanksgiving, we are going to go to my little sister's home. She doesn't live far. My other sister and her daughter, my brother and his family and my parents will be there. I am looking forward to it. Oh, I love to make turkey soup with the carcass.