Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Wednesday friends!

Just thought I should post something other than what's cookin' in my kitchen. Hmmm, where to begin.

Robyn turned 10 on Monday. Friday night she had five, count 'em, five friends over for a sleepover. Those girls had a fun time. She has been playing Upwards soccer on Saturday mornings. Tuesday nights is soccer practice. She has been taking SAT's at school all this week and on Friday she has her yearly walk-a-thon fund raiser. Dh is going to do that with her.

I'm leaving Friday to attend a ladies retreat. A friend from my small group is riding up with me. We are going to stop in Chucky (sp?) Tennessee to shop at an amish store. I can't wait. I may buy a new cookbook. Love my cookbooks. I will be back Saturday evening. I look forward to this retreat every year. We always have a good speaker and good music and nice time together with friends.

Dh is unemployed. His company finally gave up the ghost and died. We knew this would happen so we wern't caught unaware. He has been applying for jobs and sending his resume to friends. We will just trust in the Lord and see where he leads. He has been enjoying being at home and getting caught up on his favorite tv show, Heros.

Getting some needed yardwork done is next on our agenda. We always hire out the yardwork, but with Robert being without income we are going to pitch in and do it ourself this year. I am also going to buy some 'mater plants and such and see how green my thumb is. lol

Next, we plan on downsizing dd's toys. I think we could open up a store, no joke. We will yardsale what we can. Our neighborhood has a yearly yardsale at the beginning of summer. That is the best time to do this. Lots of traffic through the neighborhood. We might be able to ebay some items, the rest will go to charity.

I plan on take advantage of Robert being home and get some needed chores done around the house like painting and carpet cleaning and the like. He's helpful that way.

Oh, and I am grateful for the nice lunch/brunch he made for me today. Isn't he sweet?



CalvaryGirl said...

Hi Pam, it's so nice to 'meet' you! Thank you for sharing about your travels in Virginia, I picked up some brochures on some of the Historic places while we were there. Not sure when we'll get back but I have very fond childhood memories of Busch Gardens :O)

I don't scrap as much as I should, either. As you can tell it's been almost three weeks since I done a LO, lol

~*~ Wendy ~*~
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Mary said...

Hi there! Thank you for your warm welcome at CHFWeb! I followed a link to find your blog. I live right on the border of Sevierville/Seymour. YOu mentioned in a previous post here that there is a new Aldis. Do you mind telling me where? I have heard so many good things about Aldis!

Happy belated birthday to your little girl!

Chaos Cottage said...

Wendy, thanks for visiting my site.


Chaos Cottage said...

Mary, I sent you an email about Aldi's.