Monday, October 19, 2015

Chaos Cottage Happenings

Monday:  School Run, lots to do around the house because I've been sick with a cold and have let things slide, 1:00 vet appointment for Toby, School Run again at 10 PM!!! (Crazy Play Practice)

Tuesday:  School Run, clean baths, laundry, clean out fridge, trash and recyclables to curb, Roomba/Mop, School Run again

Wednesday:  School Run, Groceries, School Run again.

Thursday:  Early School Run, Roomba/Mop, Car Tags (bought new cars and need to put our personalized plates on them),  Hubby off work tonight so seeing daughter's play and eating out dinner, Hubby to pick up daughter around midnight because they all go out to eat after the play at IHOP!

Friday:  School Run, quick pick up and tidy house, kitchen duty, laundry, afternoon doctor's appointment for me,  another School Run

Saturday: Unpacking, unpacking, unpacking, daughter to do her weekend chores, no where we have to be for a change.  Yippee!!!

Sunday:  Church

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