Monday, April 14, 2014

Menu for week of April 14th

As usual, there were several meals we didn't get to in the last week or so and I will repeat them again on my menu this week.  The good thing is that I already shopped for those meals so I have all the ingredients for them and I won't have to buy much at the store this week.  My daughter turns 15 on Easter Sunday and we are having a birthday party on Saturday and I do have some food to make for that but otherwise, groceries should be light this week.  Here's my plan:

Monday:  Chicken Chow Mein, Asian Veggies

Tuesday:  Italian Veggie and Pasta Soup, Garlic Toast

Wednesday:  Creamy Mexican Chicken Pasta, Salad

Thursday:  Hamburgers and Fries

Friday:  Oven Fried Chicken, Layered Salad, Fresh Corn on the Cob

Saturday:  Birthday Bash

Sunday:  Easter Sunday Dinner out

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