Monday, June 17, 2013

Menu for week of June 17th

It's been a weird week with my hubby now working shifts.  Sometimes overnights, sometimes days, sometimes training, etc.  I forget what day of the week it is :/

Yesterday, my daughter and I went to visit my parents and to wish my dad a happy father's day.  We had a nice visit and ate some good barbecue!

Here is my menu for this week:

Today:  We're eating out today in honor of father's day and since my hubby had to work yesterday.

Tuesday:  Fish and Chips

Wednesday:  Chicken Shepherd's Pie, Salad, Crescent Rolls

Thursday:  Spicy Chicken with Beans, Cornbread

Friday:  Sausage Casserole, Salad

Saturday:  Tacos

Sunday:  Crockpot of Ham and Veggies, Corn, Rolls

That's my week.  How about you?  Go to to see many more menu plans.  Thanks for stopping by,


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