Monday, July 25, 2011

Menu for the week of July 25th

Monday: Chicken and Dumplings, Mixed Beans (from the freezer), Greens

Tuesday: "Out" - date night!

Wednesday: Grilled Smoked Turkey Sausage, Rice, Salad

Thursday: CP BBQ Chicken, Buns, Carrots and Dip, Cantaloupe

Friday: Chicken Shepherds Pie, Biscuits

Saturday: Grilled Chicken Burgers, Carrots and Dip, Salad, Cantaloupe

Sunday: CP Chops, Noodles, Veggies, French Bread

Trying to incorporate more veggies and fruit this week. Hope you have a wonderful week.



Bethany said...

Your meals look great

Chaos Cottage said...

Thanks Bethany. Thank you for stopping by my blog.