Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September already?

Oh, I'm loving the cooler temperatures and especially the lower humidity. It's so nice to step outside and it not feel like a sauna. I am looking forward to fall. It's my favorite time of year. I also love fall decor. How about you?

We have a lot to get done this month. Robert is loving my "honey-do" list NOT! We are being gifted with a new to us sectional sofa from his aunt who is getting a brand spanking new living room suite. We already have a sectional and recliner, which have seen better days, in our den. We want to move that to the basement media room. Or should I say, "soon to be media room." But in order to do that, we have to clean out the basement first. Remember, way back, when I photographed my daughter's disaster of a bedroom and the overflow into the guest room? Well, guess where all that stuff landed? Yep, in the basement and in the garage and in our bedroom. Nothing ever leaves our home! I'm not kidding. Anyway, now it's time to bite the bullet, roll up my sleeves, and join my husband in sorting through the toys. He wants to ebay the better of the collectable kind of stuff. The rest, who knows.

After the basement is cleared out, a major cleaning will ensue. Carpet shampooinng/steaming is a priority. I would also like to put down new tile in the entrance to the basement form the garage and the small bathroom down there. I am thinking very inexpensive vinyl tile will make a huge improvement over the old vinyl there presently.

Then the den furniture can find a new home in the basement. Hubby has gift cards to Best Buy to purchase a flat screen and he has been waiting and chomping at the bit to spend them. While the den's empty, it would be a good time to shampoo/steam the carpet there too, don't you think? Oh my husband is loving me. When I start making a list, he starts running.

I may post "after" photos on there, but I won't embarrass you with "before" photos. Really.



Marge said...

Sounds like some great projects. It will make him feel good to accomplish so much!

Becky said...

Fall is my favorite season too. I love autumn decorations. We've had some cooler temps here in Colorado, sure does feel nice.