Monday, September 27, 2010

Lots of activity around here

My house has been turned upside down! Lots going on. We were given furniture and a couple of tvs recently. We didn't have a place ready to put them in. So this is what we had to do. We had a very nice pub table set in the kitchen and we moved it to the garage, temporarily. Hoping to make room in a corner of the basement for it and use it for a game table. Our Aunt also gave us a nice oak table with six chairs. We don't need a table that big or that many chairs in our kitchen. We took out the leaf and it became a cute round table Now it resides in our eat-in kitchen with four chairs. Looks good. Will post a photo later.

Hubby emptied all the toys out of the basement and steam cleaned the carpet down there. Our old den sectional was moved down there with help from a friend One piece of that sectional has a hide away bed in it and it is extremely heavy! With the den being nearly empty, hubby steam cleaned the carpet in there too. Next, he was able to move the new sectional to the den from the dining room. Yes, the dining room. You couldn't get in there for a week! I like it. It is very comfortable.

Last night, hubby steam cleaned one half of the dining room and today we will shift every thing over to the clean side and steam clean the other side. Tomorrow we will dust all that furniture and get that room all decorated for fall. We will be ready for our community group tomorrow night. I promise!

Now, for the tv's. Hmmm. We are going to be switching around tv's upstairs and getting rid of some older ones. So that job is next on our agenda. Anyone need a tv? lol


Marge said...

Wow! I can't wait to see pictures!

Chaos Cottage said...

Will take them and post them soon.