Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nothing new here

You are probably wondering what is going on with my journey to transform my home. Nothing really new here. We have managed to keep the main floor of the home decluttered and picked up. That is because we have a small group that meets here on Monday nights and that helps us to be more intentional in our picking up and putting away. I haven't started on any house cleaning projects yet.

Today, I need to gather dd's old school uniforms and ready them for a consignment sale at school. I need to press some things and put all items on hangers along with tags marking the size, price, etc. This may take some time.

If I get time today, I need to do my grocery shopping. I didn't do any big shopping last week and we just picked up items as needed. I've noticed a trend where I do my bigger shopping every other week. It's been working for us and we spend less money that way.

My nephew is coming over later in the week to help us with some outside chores. We are going to mulch some beds and cut down some trees that haven fallen over in the woods. That will supply us with some wood later on in the winter. We still have wood leftover from the last two winters that will warm our fireplace when the temperatures turn chilly. I love burning a fire. It's so cozy. A mug of hot chocolate, a blanket, a good book, and I'm all set! I just wish our fireplace had a high hearth. Getting up and down from the floor to build a fire is hard on the old knees!

Have a wonderful day!



Becky said...

I am so glad you posted an update, I have been wondering how you are doing. Having company over does help give motivation for picking up. I am stalled on my home projects due to being sick.

outdoor.mom said...

cool blog :-) your little girl is adorable!!