Sunday, June 21, 2009

Found this article here: It really hit home for me. Thought I would reprint it here for my married girlfriends!

Words of Praise
I talk to so many wives who are discouraged about their marriage and their relationship with their husband. It really breaks my heart to see so many marriages that are not experiencing the blessing that the Lord intended marriage to be.

One of the easiest (and most often overlooked) ways that a wife can improve her marriage is to just simply praise her husband. You need to tell your husband every day how much you love, respect and appreciate him.

As much as we ladies love to talk and give complements, I wonder why, when it comes to our husbands, the words that are normally directed at them are complaints and nagging? Do you like to be around someone who is always critisizing you and nagging you about everything under the sun? No, you don't and your husband doesn't either.

Ladies, we cannot underestimate the power of our tongue. We can use our words to either tear down our husband or to build him up. Which one do you think will improve your marriage?

Never, ever, ever pass up the opportunity to praise your husband to his face AND behind his back *smile*. Yes, I know some of you are thinking that there isn't anything you can praise your husband for... but if you think about it, I am sure there is... after all, he must have been pretty smart to choose YOU for his wife *smile*.

Does your husband go to work to provide for the family? Tell him how blessed you are that he is such a wonderful provider!
Does your husband save you the last of the dark chocolate because he knows that it's your favorite? Tell him how thoughtful he is!
Does your husband keep your car maintained? Tell him how loved you feel that he is looking our for your safety!
Does your husband invite you to go Lowes with him? Tell him "Yes" and that you appreciate that he wants to spend time with you!

These are just a few examples, but if you look for opportunities each day to praise your husband, you will see them (sometimes you just need to train yourself to look for them).

After a bit of practice, praising your husband will just come naturally, and you will find yourself more in love with him than ever... and it will be because you have opened your eyes to his good qualities that were there all the time!

Have a blessed day,

Thank you Dana for this message.

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